Trade in the financial markets:

At JM Financial, trading is an art, and it is just more than a concept for our expert in-house traders & trainers

Trading skills and strategies are more important than just the number-crunching talent

Our clients are always well-informed and are part of the active training calendar

Finally, we model our clients to be ‘well-disciplined & shrewd’ trader

With these sets of trading & training principles, JM Academy is well-equipped to not only capitalise on its strong foundation, but is also proud to announce a few cutting-edge fintech tools that the academy offers to its clients.

JM Academy invites you to join our community of traders via the Telegram app. We can help you to connect with experienced and seasoned traders, trainers and industry experts who share knowledge, experience, trading know-how, tips and trading strategies – Our experts are just a click away!


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Al-Wafi Strategy
at JM Academy

This tried and tested trading strategy with proven track-record that spans two decades, Al Wafi Strategy is the bread & butter of many of our successful and well-established clients.
The success of Al Wafi Strategy can be mainly attributed to the belief of going with the direction of the financial markets and never to violate this fundamental norm. Over the years, industry experts have further refined and polished this trading strategy but retaining and preserving the core-essence like technical analysis, supply & demand relationship etc. Moreover, the ideal way to enforce Al Waif Strategy is to acquire first-hand knowledge of FX pairs movements, forecasting and sticking to the action plan that encompasses data analysis and risk management.

Team JM Academy

Nashwan Mohamed

Director of Research and Training Department

Fawzi Al-Najjar

Economic Analyst and Industry Expert

Mazen Bahran

Al-Wafi Strategist, Seasoned Trader

A Peep into
Al-Wafi Strategy

JM Academy invites our clients to learn while they earn by witnessing the strong influence of Al Wafi Strategy on the live trading accounts and the easiest, safest and the most convenient approach is to subscribe to the ‘Copy Trading’ services offered by JM Academy’s parent company – JM Financial Service https://jmfinancialkw.com